What can a New Comer expect?

If this is your first time considering or coming to Well and Tree Gathering here is some information.

  1. The people are very welcoming, it is all about community and that is something that can really be felt at Well and Tree Gathering.
  2. Bring clothing for ALL weather and temperatures, May is early enough in the year it can get cold at night and yet still get really warm in the day.  It is not unusual to go from hot summer wear during the mid day heat, to fall rain coats if it rains, to early winter layering at night.  Be prepared, and stay comfortable.
  3. Do not be afraid to come and try it out, even if you are not sure it is your path.  It is OK, you can watch and participate in many ( if not all ) of the programming.  Just be respectful, and everyone will be respectful back.
  4. Be involved, It is “By the folk, For the Folk”.  The more you involve yourself in the community the more you will get out of the event.
  5. Ask questions.  We may be able to answer, or not.  If not we can likely direct you to some one or some source that can help.  Honest, questions are good.

Lastly, Welcome.  Hope to see you Well and Tree Gathering. 🙂